I routinely send my patients with musculoskeletal problems to Dr. Miller. He has great hands on diagnostic skills & knows that when something is not fitting a normal pattern to communicate with me so I can do further diagnostic evaluations. He has a multitude of effective therapeutic capabilities. He has treated me, my family, & my many patients successfully over many years.

Samuel Gladstone, MD
Family Practice

Dr. Miller is an extraordinary clinician. He combines a thorough understanding of functional anatomy with clear insights into mechanisms of injury. He is extremely thorough, compassionate, and communicates well with his patients. I highly recommend his services to anyone with musculoskeletal pain.

Barry D. Elson, MD
Integrative Medicine and Allergy

I saw Dr. Miller as a patient for several sessions in regards to problems with my right upper extremity. He was extremely helpful in significantly reducing long standing muscle tension due to arthritis as well as an involuntary tremor in my right hand, which had become increasingly more noticeable during the past 6 months. Dr. Miller also helped me to refine a home exercise program for the improvement of my core strength, stability and overall spine health. During our sessions I found Dr. Miller to be extremely knowledgeable in the assessment and treatment of soft tissue dysfunction as well as well versed in the application of treatment approaches by well-known authors and researchers, such as Robin McKenzie, Stuart McGill and Shirley Sahrmann. Dr. Miller is a dedicated and sensitively related practitioner and I would highly recommend his services.

Christine Sharkey
Physical Therapist

Dr. Miller is my go-to guy whenever my body hurts. He is brilliant at diagnosing the problem, and then using his magic hands to do what is needed. Then he clearly instructs me in a few simple exercises to strengthen my body in ways that support my healing. A few visits is all I need, and then I can take care of myself. And if the problem arises again in a few years, I simply do the exercises he gave me earlier, and usually that is all that is needed. I unequivocally recommend Dr. Miller.

Cory Greenberg
Business Consultant

As a body worker and outdoor enthusiast, Steve has helped me to stay in my job and on my bike without pain. Steve is very knowledgeable, has a thorough understanding of how the body works and has empowered me through exercises and stretches to take part in healing and staying healthy. And he is so nice.

Susan Zarchin
Massage Therapist

The brilliant thing about going to see Steve is that he works so hard to give you all the tools you need to continue getting better AFTER you leave his office. When I first went to see Steve, I was in a lot of pain and had very little understanding of what was going on with my back or what to do about it. My sessions with Steve have left me not only free of that pain but also more knowledgable about how my body works and how to stay healthy and injury free in the future. I'm grateful to Steve for empowering me with his methods and his mindfulness, and have highly recommend him to my friends and family.

Scott Campbell
Technology Consultant

Steve is my 'go to' man when anything hurts. He has saved my back, neck, shoulder. He is incredibly knowledgeable, in the kindest way; empathic, and he always turns me loose with exercises to continue to remediate the problem.

Parvati Grais