My Approach

There are 2 Types of Pain

Pain is often the result of an injury or trauma, such as a fall or lifting something too heavy. But pain can also be present for no apparent reason. This type of pain is usually due to chronically stressed and overloaded areas and can be caused by faulty posture or repetitive or stressful movements.

I have found that the resolution of pain that appears "out of the blue" or pain that has "been there forever" often lies in understanding how we move and how we hold ourselves as we perform our daily activities.

For example, many people don’t realize that their neck and upper back pain may be due to poor sitting posture while they work at the computer.

Others, suffering with low back pain, may not see the connection between their lower back and poor mobility in the hips.

Chronic pain, or pain that appears without apparent cause, requires a special therapeutic approach. These painful situations that may seem frustrating and confusing to you can often be understood and remedied in a clear and straightforward way by someone who sees them and treats them on a daily basis. That is my specialty!

By a combination of gentle hands-on therapeutic techniques as well as improvements in movement and posture, pain is resolved, energy is increased, and a sense of wellbeing can be restored.